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Axis Oud.

Eau de Toilette.

AXIS OUD embodies true elegance: this perfume is addressed to gentlemen who wish to enhance their genuine distinction. They know what chic is, and they are confident about their masculine image. This fragrance also conveys a timeless dimension, as with any real luxury product: it defies fashion and trends, and will keep its attractiveness over time.

Available in 50ml & 100ml.

The Fragrance.

Oud, Woody, Aromatic.

Black Shimmer is a woody aromatic perfume building around rare and exotic oud wood. This scent opens with zesty and spicy notes featuring black pepper and saffron which gives a strong and powerful effect on top. A perfume created like a new gentleman signature where noble and warming woods get tamed with orange flowers. Like the ultimate weapon of seduction, the base note reveals a dark and mysterious scent with an incredible modernity. A fragrance, with a unique trail of scent, that manages to be fresh, sensual and charismatic all at once.