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Axis Midnight.

Eau de toilette.

Axis Midnight is the perfume of achievement, created for the modern city-dweller who has successfully conducted his life. This man has reached the very top, and at night, he can look at the world with a feeling of serenity. He knows where he is going and Axis Midnight accompanies him for this new journey to a promising future.

Available in 100ml.

The Fragrance.

Fougere, Aromatic, Fruity.

Axis Midnight opens with fruity and exotic notes like the Mandarin and Pineapple, enligthed by the Cardamom. In the heart, we find the subtle freshness with of the Lavender and the Violet warmed by the Cistus. The base is composed of a woody facets with the Cedarwood and the Patchouli, while the Oakmoss drives its a dark mossy touch.