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Axis Floral Gold.

Eau de Parfum.

Glamorous girls know that nude is the color in fashion, and Axis Floral Gold embodies that trend. No need for vivid contrasts, it is all about the right mix of shades. Flowers are the source of inspiration for this new fragrance: a palette of natural pinks and a rainbow of floral scents, both simple and sophisticated. Just like the most flattering jewel: a tiara made of roses!

Available in 100ml.

The Fragrance.

Fruity, Floral, Woody, Musk.

Love love girl is the moderne, luminous expression of glamour. A shimmering wedding of simplicity and extreme sophistication. The sweet crispness of fresh flowers and dewy bergamot in a generous bouquet whose heart vibrates with jasmine and rose. A balmy trail of sandalwood, amber and musk completes the harmony with Opulence and warmth. Love love is a golden scent that shimmers on skin like sunbeams.